Raw Goldenrod Honey

This is rich, darker amber goldenrod honey from central Wisconsin. It is amazingly floral and has a strong earthy flavor to it. I think it has notes of coffee and Beth thinks it has overtones of butterscotch.

Goldenrod is the one of the last flowers of the season. You see them everywhere starting in September: tall plants with long yellow fingers. As the flowering season goes along (so I was told) the later in the year equals the lower quality of pollen and nectar. Last up is goldenrod and aster.

There are times when a goldenrod flow produces honey that is deep amber, almost black. Other times goldenrod honey has a pungent aroma to it -- a big nose and an even bigger taste. This honey is neither. It is amber and certainly has a big taste but it isn't overbearing. 

Goldenrod honey is not found everywhere. If you are a Churchill customer new to gourmet honeys and like big tastes, you might want to give this a try. If you came here as a beeswax candle or soap / scrub customer and are just looking around, this honey might not be for you. If you are used to buying the dregs that pass for honey in a grocery store, this goldenrod honey might even be unrecognizable to you.

But I think every now and then we should stop to smell the late season flowers.

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